Selling your ideas (or another’s) FAQs

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Lion Brand

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I find it very helpful when a Vendor promotes their product by saying, “YES you CAN!”, especially when everyone is concerned about stepping on toes, copyright infringement, and the like.

Here’s what Lion Brand has to say about making and selling, using their patterns:

FAQ: Selling Items Made with LB Patterns | Lion Brand Notebook

It is also a good idea to ask the Vendor, before you start on a new creative venture. In most instances, you will get the go-ahead, with blessings on top. Most Business’s LOVE it when you promote them by way of links or mention.

The more exposure they receive, the more great ideas they can pass along to others. It has a ripple effect; someone promotes you, you reciprocate, and the word gets around and around.

We’ve been asked if we would allow Sellers to manufacture craft projects using our products and some ideas we put out there. Here is what we tell them: You can copyright an original idea, product or (in Celebrity World, phrase), but you cannot copyright an idea that is already born. You can always reproduce an idea, using your own interpretation and creativity, to make it ‘UNIQUELY YOU”.

Take for example, our Interchangeable Hair Stick Clip-Ons.

Tea for Two Interchangeable Hair stick Clip-on™

When you see the , that means, simply put, Trade Mark, and is exclusive of design. You can buy it, you can make one of your own, using different ideas, beads, etc, but you cannot use the name to profit from it. Make up a new name, insert your unique identity into it, and it can be yours!

It is said, it is a form of flattery to copy another person’s ideas, work, or image. By “image”, I mean how they appear, how they talk, act, sound, function. It is not flattering to blatantly copy someone, and then lay claim to the end result.

We hope this helps some of you who wonder if selling is a hard thing to get into or not. We are here to help, not hinder. Without you, our customers, we would not be here today, and that is the best gift we can receive, in return for all you who have shopped with us.

Ok, I’m getting all sappy and teary-eyed now, so I’ll stop and get back to packing your orders! 🙂

Many Blessings to you and we hope to see you all real soon!

Oyeah, and HAPPY SPRING!

Mike and Sandra

Many Horses Jewerly Supply


New Items and Ideas, and a Pretty Neat Place : Lyzart Gallery

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When inspiration happens, it can be a beautiful thing!

We recently were commissioned to make a big selection of Interchangeable Hair Stick Clipons for Lizart Gallery of Glenview, IL.

While I was busy assembling the clip-ons, I was thinking of new designs for our ever-popular hair accessory. I wanted it to be something special, something that everyone would like. What better idea for a focal drop, than Teapots!

I came up with a couple of cute new Hair Stick Clip-ons to our growing collection of hair stick accessories. Take a look at these!

Tea for Me, Tea For You, Tea for Two Clipon™

$6.99 each